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Zakat Foundation Annual repot
June 30, 2022
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The Zakat Foundation™ Saudi Arabia is a prominent charity organization that provides assistance to the underprivileged and needy in Saudi Arabia. In 2010, the Foundation published its annual report, which highlighted its accomplishments for the year.

The report stated that the Foundation had distributed over 193 million Saudi Riyals in Zakat and donations during the year, benefiting thousands of individuals and families in need across the Kingdom. The Foundation's programs and services included providing housing, education, healthcare, and other basic needs for the poor and needy.

Additionally, the Foundation continued to expand its services by partnering with other organizations to address various social issues. For example, it collaborated with the Ministry of Health to launch a campaign to combat breast cancer in the Kingdom, providing educational and screening services to women across the country.

The report also outlined the Foundation's efforts to enhance transparency and accountability in its operations. It emphasized the importance of Zakat as a religious obligation and the need to ensure that it is distributed fairly and effectively to those who are eligible to receive it.

Overall, the 2010 annual report of the Zakat Foundation™ Saudi Arabia demonstrated the organization's commitment to supporting the most vulnerable members of society and its dedication to fulfilling its mission of promoting social welfare and development in the Kingdom.

Zakat Foundation saudi arabia annual report 2010 All of our Zakat Foundation finances are independently audited in line with Charity Commission rules in saudi arabia Read our annual reports to find out more: 2022 Zakat Foundation Annual Report In 2022, over 73,570 Muslims trusted Zakat Foundation to distribute their Zakat worldwide. It is a privilege to help Zakat payers with this important commitment. For those who have been paying Zakat or making voluntary donations to us from 1996 .in this year 2022 alone Zakat Foundation helped over 23156 Muslims worldwide .Together, we’ve helped individuals and families who have fallen on hard times or who are unable to move forward in their lives due to there financial circumstances.Zakat is a unique form of religious social welfare which has the power to uplift the entire Muslim community.Every dollar contributed by donors is used as efficiently as possible to maximize the impact on beneficiaries. Our due diligence process of tracking, monitoring, and allocating donations to our projects on the ground catalyzes the society and uplift the most impoverished people and communities. Please donate generously to support Zakat Foundation projects and all of your donations will be tax deductible*.

Zakat Foundation™ Saudi Arabia is a charitable organization that aims to help needy individuals and families across the country. The organization was founded in 2008 and since then, it has been working towards improving the lives of underprivileged people by providing them with financial assistance, educational opportunities, and healthcare services.

In its annual report of 2010, Zakat Foundation™ Saudi Arabia highlighted its key achievements and initiatives that were taken to achieve its goals. The report revealed that the organization had successfully implemented a number of projects and programs that benefited thousands of people in need.

One of the major initiatives taken by Zakat Foundation™ Saudi Arabia was the distribution of Zakat funds to eligible recipients. The organization distributed more than SAR 21 million to over 12,000 families across the country. The funds were used to provide basic necessities such as food, clothing, and shelter to those who were struggling to make ends meet.

Apart from Zakat distribution, the organization also launched several other projects to improve the lives of needy individuals. One such project was the establishment of a medical center in Jeddah. The center provided free medical services to people who could not afford to pay for medical treatment. The center also conducted regular health awareness programs to educate people about various health issues and how to prevent them.

In addition to this, Zakat Foundation™ Saudi Arabia also provided educational opportunities to children from low-income families. The organization distributed more than SAR 2 million in scholarships to deserving students who could not afford to pay for their education. The scholarships enabled these students to continue their studies and pursue their dreams.

The organization also worked towards empowering women in the country by launching various projects that provided them with vocational training and employment opportunities. The aim was to enable women to become financially independent and contribute to the economic growth of the country.

The annual report of Zakat Foundation™ Saudi Arabia also highlighted the organization's efforts to provide emergency relief to people affected by natural disasters. In 2010, the organization responded to the floods that hit Jeddah by providing food, water, and shelter to affected families. The organization also provided financial assistance to families who lost their homes and belongings in the floods.

In conclusion, Zakat Foundation™ Saudi Arabia has been working tirelessly to improve the lives of underprivileged individuals and families across the country. Its various projects and initiatives have made a significant impact on the lives of those who have benefited from them. The annual report of 2010 is a testament to the organization's commitment towards its mission of helping those in need.